Saturday, April 19, 2008

Wish your congrats to the happy couple!

Just click on the comments button below to add your congratulations! Tyler and Chelsea would love to hear from you!


n8 and Aubrey said...

We are so excited for you! We think you will be great together!

katielizabethawkes said...

i luff you chel and tyler! i love your music...and your blog...and a bunch of other good stuff. i'm sure i will see you both soon....especially you, chel, because you are sitting across the room from me RIGHT NOW. :)

Jenna Marie said...

Hey Chelsea! This is Jenna (Heinrich) Corry... the one who drove you to school a lot, and always made you late... :) haha. (among other things) I'm so so happy for you!! You guys look so great! Tyler actually works at the same place as my brother in law- Steve Corry. Maybe they know each other. Anyway! Congrats!!! Good luck with everything!

CJ Armstrong said...

you guys will be the best together. Congrats! You guys make a really cute couple.

Bec said...

Chelsea! You were like THE best EFY consoler ever! You are so awesome & i am so excited for you! CONGRADUALATIONS!

p.s Good work on the ring tyler ;)

Bec said...
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Ashley Cooper said...

Congratulations! I love the engraving on the ring; great job Tyler! We'll see you two on Saturday.

Laurie said...

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